Few factors have such a direct impact on an organisation’s long-term growth and success as the quality of its leadership. We help develop leaders who can tackle the business challenges of the present, while also creating successful strategies for the future.


A Tailored program is a modification of our existing content. This approach allows us to deliver a specific programs to more staff members  in a shorter time frame, as well as allowing you as the client to propose input and content relevant to your industry, culture and needs.


We also engage closely with you as the client to create a unique, custom program. These programs retain core integrity and remain focused on the following pillars:

  • Support the values of organisation
  • Strengthen the leadership
  • Build capability in specific competencies
  • Align to your blueprint and plans.

Custom programs are usually modular in design and allow you to engage developmental coaching and additional learning opportunities. Programs can be delivered in a convenient location for you, in residential format, in-house or recommended venue.

A custom process provides BIG a clearer understanding of your unique cultural and business challenges. Our team works in partnership to design a unique offering incorporating your existing business beliefs and values, and specific tools such as strategy templates and working models. We collaborate with your senior executives and many are guest presenters during the delivery of the resulting program.

Finally, after the program, we continue to work with your key stakeholders to evaluate the program’s outcomes and impact in terms of changed behaviours, new knowledge and modified beliefs.