Healthy things grow, growing things change, changing things challenge us.

Leadership performance, leadership development and personal character directly impact organisational culture and business performance.

Humans intrinsically strive for more, to grow, to break records, to increase income, to explore our universe and to show others what we know. The drive to achieve and succeed can challenge your personal and corporate values, and your resulting behaviours can make or break you.

We work with you to unleash high performance, maximise potential and built character – so you can grow as a person and an organisation. We provide deep insights and awareness to foster greater individual and collective leadership effectiveness. We provide a practical pathway to help you understand your embedded thinking, confront the changing landscape with confidence and become the leader of integrity that is so needed.

Helping you ‘Grow, change and accept the challenge’.

Karl Nielsen

Leadership Development
Specialising for 15 + years in organisational development, capability and business training, Karl has worked with private, public and government organisations across Australia and Asia Pacific. He spent 3 years in Asia creating ethics and global (cultural) workforce programs. He has post graduate education (Masters) in Strategic Organisational Development and studied a Masters of Divinity at Seminary, working to support spiritual formation, transformation and education.

Coppelia Rose

Consulting Services
Coppelia's professional objective is to drive improvements in quality, efficiency and efficacy of business practice. With 15 years’ local and international consulting experience with global icons, Coppelia is recognised for determination and commitment to deliver the highest quality outcomes. This is underpinned with a commercial background as a (forensic) accountant, CFO, Project, Program and Portfolio Management and post graduate education (MBA) majoring in Information Systems.

Additional Consultant Specialities

Consulting and Training
Training content design, Change leadership, Change management audits, Project and program management, Business processes design, Efficiency reviews, Governance, Leadership
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BIG History

BIG is based in Brisbane, Australia and has delivered training, consulting and contracting services throughout the Australia Pacific region for the last 15 years. The directors possess a strong desire for holistic organisational improvement - and design and deliver specialist online and face to face capability development programs – focusing on personal integrity, learning, thinking, purpose and organisational efficiency.

BIG also operates a ‘not for profit’ (NFP) consultancy (BRAINsTrust) providing premium training and consulting services to the NFP sector at a relevant and affordable price point, ensuring the ongoing development and sustainability of a large sector of Australian employment. We match world class professional services, delivered and supported by national and global brands to NFP organisations who meet our operational conditions. (more here).

Interesting Facts

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  1. Engagement 80%
  2. Happiness 60%
  3. Balance 40%
  4. Learning 90%