Improving healthcare
and patient outcomes

Information and digital strategy


Transformational Change

Leading and Mastering Change
We design and lead major change programs to improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen behaviour.

Digital Strategy

Strategy and Corporate Finance
Technology and digital trends are transforming your environment. We help you navigate the risks in the digital world

Leadership and Culture

Leading Organisations
Maximising the effectiveness of leaders in an environment of increasing uncertainty and complexity takes focus, planning and strategy.


Governance, Risk and Compliance
A robust and coordinated strategy for managing the broad issues of corporate governance, risk and compliance
How we help our clients

Our Company

Business Integrity is a strategy and transformation consulting firm, specialising in advising, supporting and leading healthcare organisations through significant transformation.

Success in a world defined by digital, shaped by disruption and influenced by massive and evolving social change requires organisations and their people to reinvent themselves and their interpersonal relationships.

Hurdles to digital transformation

Research shows that culture is the number one barrier to digital transformation.

  1. Cultural Issues 62%
  2. Archaic IT systems and applications 48%
  3. Lack of Digital Skills 43%
  4. Visionless Leadership 38%